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BIM has enabled the MacArdle McSweeney practice to modernise its M&E design services and to deliver “built-in” sustainability to Irish and international clients.

The MacArdle McSweeney practice has been at the forefront of M&E design excellence for over 40 years. Included in their portfolio are many iconic developments such as the Montevetro Building, (Dublin’s tallest commercial building, snapped up by Google in 2011), Central Park Campus and the National Convention Centre. These are but a few of the 2000 successfully completed projects across the commercial, residential, industrial, educational, healthcare and hotel and leisure sectors.

The practice is now part of the Headcount Group, Ireland’s largest outsourced engineering provider. As well as placing teams of engineers and providing managed services to major clients in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and construction industries, Headcount Engineering has amassed a significant pool of design engineers and BIM expertise at its head office.

This alliance allows MMA to scale up its manpower resources for the largest of infrastructural projects while still offering lean engineering solutions based on sustainable design principles.

Headcount Group has led the field in the development of innovative BIM deployments and it now offers BIM Consultancy and practical BIM applications through a subsidiary consultancy BIM&, whose mission is to be the “Consultants’ Consultant”.  Dr. Shawn O’Keeffe, who leads the BIM development team at Headcount, was pleased to be able to lend his LEED insights to the development of the MMA energy and carbon modelling modules.

M&E Design with millimetre accuracy

M&E Design with millimetre accuracy

One of BIM&Scan’s first assignments was to develop a unique BIM workflow for the integration of Mechanical and Electrical designs into an existing building using the output of a Terrestrial Laser Scanner. This has proven itself to be an invaluable tool that benefits the entire project team by making comprehensive dimensionally accurate point cloud data and 3D models available to all members of the design team.  

Another of the key benefits of this technology is that it enables the combined MMA and Headcount teams to provide remote design services for international clients using Common Data Environments hosted on their own BIM Servers. This team is currently supporting the largest brewing project in North America from its offices in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

This unique combination of traditional design experience, supported by the large Headcount resource pool and cutting edge BIM technology allows MMA to offer a full design service to its clients with an emphasis on environmental sustainability.

They offer;

    Capacity to scale up for the largest projects

    Cutting edge secure BIM data sharing

    Lean and competitive pricing

    Fully IFC compliant BIM designs

The MMA management team acknowledges that the best way to build sustainability into a project is to start as early as possible in the project lifecycle. The practice is now offering a suite of services to architects, building owners and facilities managers that will help them to strike the right balance between Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Sustainability.

    Sustainability Reviews

    LEED Analysis

    BER Rating

    Part L Analysis

    Energy Efficiency options

    Value Engineering

If you have a project at conceptual stage, call Damien Egan on 086 244 3840 or 01 690 5040 for a no obligation consultation.

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