Revizto to release Revizto v4.0 in May


Revizto is due to release Revizto v4.0 in mid-May. Revizto allows people to share and use the BIM data created in their design environment. It allows the project team to access, visualize and collaborate on the BIM Data. The company has released the public Beta test.

The new Revizto v4.0 Beta delivers the following:

All-new Markups.

The ability to import 2D Sheets directly into Revizto, even without a model. A 3D scene is no longer required to export the project. And 4.0 supports PDF sheets.

Redesigned pipeline. Revizto Editor is no longer an essential part of the workflow. All project sharing and management can be done from Revizto Viewer.

Improved merge and sync.

Export scheduler. Set up automatic daily or weekly exports to Revizto, to keep everybody in the project on the same page.


For more detailed information on the software please see the links below:

Revizto Global Webinar: ‘Introduction to the Newest Revizto 4.0’ by UK expert David York:

For Q&A see the Revizto Forum:


Vizerra was founded in 2008 with the idea of bringing gaming technology to the AEC industry. Revizto’s CEO is Arman Gukasyan. Revizto is developed by Vizerra and distributed by 3DreamTeam Inc. will keep you updated on the latest BIM technology news. Follow on Twitter: @BIMIreland

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