Next CitA Eastern BIM Region Meeting will take place on April 19th


Details of the next CitA Eastern BIM Region Meeting have been released. It is taking place on April 19th at Sams Bar, 36 Dawson Street, Dublin.

The CitA Eastern BIM Region Meeting is taking place on Tuesday, April 19th, starting at 6:30 pm and finishing at 8:00 pm. Look out for #easternbimregion on Twitter for updates and Tweets from the event.

The meeting will have a presentation from Man & Machine on Solibri as a platform for Clash Detection/Code Compliance Checking/COBie Validation. Man & Machine is from the UK and its representatives will be in Dublin on the day and will be setting up meetings with practices and contractors.

Man & Machine:

You can register here:

Location – Sams Bar:

CitA Eastern BIM Region details:

Michael Murphy is the Chairperson of the CitA Eastern BIM Region. Michael was interviewed for BIM People last December:

Follow Michael on Twitter: @MichaelMurphy10

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