Murphy Surveys now producing ARCHICAD-ready point cloud models for faster, accurate building surveys


Murphy Surveys Limited are partnering with GRAPHISOFT UK Ltd to deliver point cloud modelling services and ARCHICAD models to the UK and Ireland markets.

This partnership comes after successful pilot projects with ARCHICAD users in the UK working with GRAPHISOFT and Murphy Surveys to deliver models created in ARCHICAD directly from point cloud surveys undertaken by Murphy Surveys. The workflow developed has allowed Murphy Surveys to become the first market-leading UK and Irish survey company to offer such services, and further reinforces ARCHICAD as a market leader in the creation of existing buildings in a BIM environment.

Murphy Surveys now producing ARCHICAD-ready point cloud models for faster, error-free building surveys

The workflow allows Murphy Surveys to use point cloud technology within ARCHICAD to create native detailed models in a very short amount of time. This leads to reduced reworking and lower costs further on in the project due to more variables being known at an early stage.

“The addition of point clouds within ARCHICAD 19 has enhanced the workflow from ‘Survey to BIM’,” said Enzo Labrosciano, BIM Manager at Murphy Surveys Ltd. “We have been fortunate to partner with GRAPHISOFT on this and have worked with them to ensure that the deliverable is not compromised by the software, but the software adapts to the needs and are very pleased with the results,” he added.

ARCHICAD user Stuart Archer from Waugh Thistleton Architects explains that “having a model created directly from a point cloud not only saved us time and money upfront at the outset of the project, but the fact that it was provided in native ARCHICAD format meant that we could start work on the model immediately, delivering the project in a shorter timeframe and with higher accuracy.”

“Further enhancing these benefits, Murphy Surveys can also be commissioned to build models using customer templates meaning a practice’s own BIM standards are adhered to and even less rework is required,” said Adrian Girling, Managing Director of GRAPHISOFT UK Ltd.

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