Successful CitA Southern Series “Back to Basics” Event


The CitA Southern Series “Back to Basics” event was held on Wednesday evening, March 23rd. This event was a success and gave the attendees an introduction to BIM and the basics to get to BIM Level 1.

It was one event, held at four locations. The locations were provided by four Institutes of Technology in Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Tralee. attended the Tralee meeting. The event was hosted by Tim Segal and Jim Stone, both senior lecturers in the Department of Civil Engineering & Construction Studies. IT Tralee provided Tea & Coffee and sandwiches before the presentations.

Individual presentations took place in each venue and these were broadcast in succession to the other locations.

The topics of discussion were:

The History of BIM – Process, Technology and People;

BIM Level 1 – The forgotten first step;

BS 1192 – Basic Common Data Environment;

Technology Talk and Discussion.

CIT’s Ted McKenna gave a presentation on ‘The History of BIM – Process, Technology and People’ discussing the problems of traditional construction and the work culture, specifically working in silos and poor coordination. He gave an excellent presentation encompassing famous reports, such as the Latham and Egan Reports, which have highlighted the inefficiencies and need for collaboration in construction. Ted said that the BIM Level 2 Mandate in Britain is just the start for BIM adoption. He proceeded to talk about the future of BIM and the evolution of technology.

Brian Dempsey, from Waterford Institute of Technology, discussed the first steps of BIM. He identified ‘Big BIM’ as the Process and ‘Little BIM’ as the Software. He talked about BIM Level 0 and BIM Level 1 – 3D CAD for construction work and 2D drafting. Brian said BIM is about effective sustainable communication.

Michael O’Brien, at the Tralee venue, gave a talk on BS 1192 – Basic Common Data Environment. Michael is BIM Coordinator at BAM Contractors and Secretary at CitA Southern BIM Region. Michael’s talk was interesting, discussing information and the storage of information when using BIM on a project. There was a good discussion after this on BIM and what it can offer, with BAM representatives telling representatives of small practices about their experiences. Michael praised the design of the event with professionals coming together to learn from each other and concluded thanking IT Tralee for hosting the event.

This event gave attendees an introduction to BIM. Future events will go into more detail on the BIM process and BIM technology. Tim Segal told us, ‘The potential is enormous, but there is a lot of work to do to bring everybody up to speed.’

This was the first Southern BIM Region event of 2016. It was a collaborative effort between the CitA South BIM Region, the CitA South-East BIM Region and the CitA South-West BIM Region. will keep you updated with details of future events.
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