The B1M explains The UK Government’s ‘Construction 2025’


This week’s video from the guys at the B1M explains The UK’s Construction 2025 Report.

Fred Mills brings the document to life, explaining why construction matters, why it needs to change and how to approach the radical targets proposed.

“The total global construction output will reach USD $12 trillion by 2025”

The British government have an Industrial Strategy that supports job creation and economic growth. As part of that Strategy, they are forming partnerships with key, influential sectors – including construction.

“Construction 2025” is the strategy developed by industry and the UK Government to improve construction by 2025.

The video contains data and extracts from the UK’s HM Government Construction 2025 Report ©2013 Crown Copyright. Download the report and construction industry infographic for free here. Image of the Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm (Fluvanna, Texas) courtesy of Leaflet.

Courtesy of the B1M

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