NBS releases International BIM Report 2016


NBS International BIM Report 2016 is now available to download. The NBS Survey Report provides insight into BIM adoption and maturity across five countries.

The report compares BIM adoption across the UK, Czech Republic, Canada, Japan and Denmark, identifying similarities and differences in attitudes and beliefs in the future of BIM.

nbs BIM reportTwo of the key findings of the report are that BIM is seen as the future of project information and within five years all countries expect BIM to be adopted by over 80% of design professionals, with the next 12 months seeing a rapid rate of BIM adoption.

NBS National BIM Survey:



NBS and RIBA are members of the BIM Technologies Alliance supporting the UK Government’s Construction Strategy BIM Working Group.

National Building Specification (NBS) is part of RIBA Enterprises Ltd, which is owned by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). NBS has produced specification products for over 40 years, and its products cover building, engineering services and landscape design. NBS also produces a range of information products, including The Construction Information Service.



Other NBS BIM Reports available for free download:


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