What can Unmanned Aerial Vehicles do for Construction?


What knowledge have you got of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)? The B1M has released a video discussing what UAVs can do for the construction industry.

What Can UAVs Do For Construction? | D-Construct: Episode 3:



UAVs have been used in a number of industries, including agriculture and construction, in recent years. Detailed Terrain Models (DTMs) allow professionals to see how the works are progressing and how efficiently tasks are undertaken. This technology is ideal for monitoring progress on long road projects and pipeline projects as well as large building sites.

The B1M was founded by Fred Mills and Tom Payne. They publish videos on BIM topics on YouTube. The B1M shares video content on its channel to help mobilise widespread BIM adoption. The videos have a worldwide audience of BIM enthusiasts.

The B1M


The B1M YouTube Channel has a variety of videos on BIM topics:


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