International BIM Events in 2016


There are many international BIM events coming up this year. Here we provide details of some significant upcoming events over the next six months. and Irish Building magazine covered the 2015 CitA BIM Gathering in Dublin, and prior to this Digital Construction Week in London. These events had a large Irish interest and attendance. There are a number of other events happening in the next six months. Below we identify those which should be of interest to BIM professionals and enthusiasts.

RICS BIM Conference 2016, 12 Feb 2016, London, England


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The theme of the 2015 conference was ‘Delivering efficiencies and cost savings throughout the project’s lifecycle’. This year’s conference is titled ‘Realising the benefits of BIM’. This is a significant conference due to it coinciding with the 2016 BIM Level 2 deadline and the size of the professional body. The speakers are well known in the industry. These include David Hancock, Head of Construction, UK Government Construction Team, and David Philp, Director BIM – EMEA, AECOM and Head of BIM, UK BIM Task Group.

European BIM Summit 2016, 18 – 19 February 2016, Barcelona, Spain


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The Summit is marketed as the ‘BIM event of the year in Europe’, with a broad programme over two days discussing BIM throughout the asset lifecycle. This is the second edition of the European BIM Summit. The event is organised by The Barcelona Quantity Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers’ Association together with the BIM Academy and BuildingSMART Spanish Chapter.

BIM WORLD, 6 – 7 April 2016, Paris, France


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This is a big event with a large attendance expected. There is also a large selection of speakers from diverse professional backgrounds. Topics to be covered include: Geospatial information, Urban infrastructure, Design, build, renovate, and Smart Building.

BIM Prospects, 6 – 7 April, 2016, BRE Watford, London, England


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This event is titled ‘How Prepared Is UK Construction for BIM Level 2 and Beyond?’ The main topic of discussion will be the current skills gap, and practical support for implementing BIM. This is a two day event running on the same days as BIM WORLD. The event is organised by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in partnership with BuildingSMART. Videos of the 2015 event can be found on the BRE Conferences YouTube Channel, and presentations are available on the website. 

BIM Conference, 16 June 2016, Warwickshire, England


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The specific details of the conference are yet to be confirmed. The conference will cover Open BIM, Big Data, PAS BS1192, and BIM protocol. You can follow the organisers on Twitter for further details.

Building Information Modelling is popular in the construction industry and in academic research. This has led to conferences being organised in popular locations worldwide. Given the international attendance at the 2015 CitA BIM Gathering, it is obvious that BIM professionals and enthusiasts are willing to travel to events anywhere in the world once the event is significant, well organised and in a suitable location. will keep you informed on upcoming events. Follow us on Twitter: @BIMIreland

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