BIM Books to be released in 2016


We are at the start of a new year and 2016 will see many new BIM books published but what to buy?

In late 2015, we looked at the BIM books published in 2015. Here looks at the BIM books that are worth checking out which will soon be available in 2016.

In the past decade Building Information Modelling has become a popular topic with publishers. Publishers will be releasing BIM books throughout 2016. A number of significant books were released late in 2015 to target the Christmas market. If you search online you can see interesting books due for publication in 2016, however details of some books are currently not available at this early stage. Details of upcoming BIM books are listed below.

BIM for Construction Clients

By Richard Saxon


This book describes BIM to the client. The book gives the reader an introduction to BIM. It is suitable for public sector and private sector clients. Richard Saxon is a prominent architect with a large portfolio of writings on architecture and built environment topics.

The CIOB BIM Handbook

By John Eynon, Chartered Institute of Building


The CIOB BIM Handbook will be of interest to both industry and academia. The book is written for professionals, providing summaries of key aspects of BIM, and discussing adoption and implementation on projects. John Eynon is an Architect Design Manager, writer and blogger.

Delivering Value with BIM: A whole-of-life approach

By Adriana Sanchez, Keith Hampson, Simon Vaux (Editors)


This book explores implementing BIM across the life-cycle of a built asset. This book is suitable for academic and industry courses. The book was developed in consultation with industry, government and research organisations.

Implementing Virtual Design and Construction using BIM: Current and future practices

By Lennart Andersson, Kyla Farrell, Oleg Moshkovich, and Cheryle Cranbourne


This book outlines what is needed for an effective Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process through real world case studies. It provides the reader with a better understanding of the successful implementation of VDC and BIM, and the benefits to the project team throughout design and construction. For those familiar with VDC, the book provides examples of best practices and real world solutions. The authors have backgrounds in VDC.

The BIM Manager’s Handbook: Guidance for Professionals in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

By Dominik Holzer


This is a practical book for BIM managers. It covers a variety of topics, including Best Practice BIM and Change Management. Dominik Holzer is Senior Lecturer in Digital Architecture at the University of Melbourne, and an AEC consultant at AEC Connect. 

BIM in Healthcare Infrastructure

By Michael Phiri


This, a specialist book, is a guide to the implementation and application of BIM in the planning, design and construction of healthcare infrastructure for to improve time and cost effectiveness in delivering zero carbon healthcare buildings. Michael Phiri is a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Sheffield, 

BIM for Landscape

By The Landscape Institute


This might be the first book to focus on implementing BIM processes in landscape and external works. Henry Fenby-Taylor, a member of the Landscape Institute BIM Working Group, is reported to be the author. This book is evidence of how far a reach BIM is having in the built environment.

The books listed above have BIM as a core topic, and there are specialist books focusing on individual sectors e.g. healthcare infrastructure. However, there are numerous books on other topics such as graphics, surveying, construction management, and cost management which have BIM as sub-topic. BIM has been included in construction books, in recent years, as BIM has become more popular.

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So many BIM books, so little time will keep you updated on developments in BIM research and publications.

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