CitA BIM Gathering 2015 Presentations and Proceedings Published by CitA


CitA has released the presentations, proceedings, and papers from the CitA BIM Gathering 2015. Links to the documents are provided in this article.

The CitA BIM Gathering was held at The Gibson Hotel, Dublin on 12th and 13th November. This was the biggest BIM event in Ireland this year. has reported on the CitA BIM Gathering 2015 over the past two months. The Gathering was a great success and allowed professionals, researchers and academics to share information, research and ideas.

The documents released by CitA are valuable information and research for AECO professionals, researchers and academics. 


Presentations from the CitA BIM Gathering 2015 recently published a link to the Gathering’s proceedings as part of an interview with CitA Founder Dr Alan Hore. This is a 282 page document with information and research on a variety of BIM topics. Interview with Dr Alan Hore, DIT and CitA will keep you updated on developments in BIM research. BIM Ireland


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