‘PAS 1192 Common Data Environment’ video – Posted on CitA’s YouTube Channel


Ralph Montague, Managing Partner of ARCDOX, talks about ‘PAS 1192 Common Data Environment’ in the latest video posted on CitA’s YouTube Channel.

Building Information Modelling has been the subject of many videos over the past few years. However, Irish produced videos on BIM are less common. CitA’s YouTube Channel offers videos on a variety of topics going back to 2010.

The latest video, uploaded on 29 October, is titled ‘CitA October 2015, Ralph Montague, PAS 1192 Common Data Environment’.

The CitA Channel is a very useful resource for those interested in BIM in Ireland, the use of BIM internationally, and experts and leaders in the BIM community in Ireland. The videos feature a variety of experts covering a variety of BIM topics.

If you search on YouTube you will find Channels with videos of previous CitA Gatherings and CitA breakfast meetings. Video quality and requirement for critical information are the primary reasons for CitA’s videos being posted by other YouTube Channels, who see the content value.


‘CitA October 2015, Ralph Montague, PAS 1192 Common Data Environment’









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