BIM is gaining interest in Russia


Interest in Building Information Modelling is growing in Russia, with 25 pilot projects currently underway.

This year there has been a lot of focus on the UK, for its 2016 Level 2 BIM mandate, from Ireland and other countries. However, there are many countries adopting BIM or in the process of exploring it. Russia is the latest country in the news, with BIM pilot projects being set up. Given the scale of the infrastructure, Russia has the potential to be a big market for BIM.

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As with other countries the advantages of BIM are known, and there are interests in combining BIM with Green Construction. There is current progress. The Russian government have set up pilot projects to promote the use of BIM and this will bring large implementation. 25 projects are currently underway, and these will be a learning curve in BIM. These projects include residential buildings, industrial buildings, and hospital buildings. The adoption of BIM in the UK is an influence in Russia. The pilot projects are part of a multi-year BIM implementation plan, which started at end of 2014.

The increase in BIM usage and interest in Russia offers opportunities for international consultancies, contractors and educators who have BIM knowledge and expertise to sell. Currently expertise levels vary, with a few big companies in design and construction being the leaders.

Small eastern European countries are also showing a positive interest in BIM. Lithuania has identified implementing BIM as a way to achieve efficiencies. The construction sector there has problems with quality of works, poor work planning and organisation, and substandard building methods.


Russian Government sets up Pilot Projects to increase Bim usage

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