Research Paper: BIM for Building Refurbishment and Maintenance


Structural Survey is one of Emerald Publishing’s Property Management and Built Environment journals. Emerald publishes five issues a year. Structural Survey is read by professionals and researchers, and is broad in scope, publishing research in building pathology and building forensics, refurbishment and adaptation.

Building Information Modelling has been the focus of some of the papers in resent volumes. In its latest issue, the topic of BIM for building refurbishment and maintenance is covered by researchers, Deniz Ilter and Esin Ergen. Their paper is titled: ‘BIM for building refurbishment and maintenance: current status and research directions.’

In Ireland, the use of BIM in the design and construction of buildings, and the advantages are well known and discussed. However, internationally, an area which is currently a prominent topic of discussion is the use of BIM in Facilities Management (FM). Ilter and Ergen conclude that BIM is not utilised effectively in the FM phase.

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Although the need for BIM in FM has been acknowledged by researchers and practitioners, results highlight that studies in BIM applications in maintenance, and especially refurbishment are relatively recent. The research identifies the gaps in the research area that prevents a widespread adoption of BIM in refurbishment and maintenance stages and introduces guides to overcome the challenges identified in each subtopic of the field.

However, published articles show that interest in BIM in FM is continuously growing. The researchers, state that existing research in the field can be clustered in five subtopics:

Building survey and as-built BIM;

Modelling and managing energy;

Design assessment;

Access to and integration of maintenance information and knowledge;

Information exchange and interoperability.



Deniz Ilter , Esin Ergen , (2015) “BIM for building refurbishment and maintenance: current status and research directions”, Structural Survey, Vol. 33 Iss: 3, pp.228 – 256 will keep you updated on developments in BIM research.


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