CitA BIM Gathering 2015: BIM and Green Construction


Interest in Building Information Modelling is increasing, with industry and academic research output. Simultaneously there is interest in sustainability and Green Construction.

Given the advantages of BIM with planning and the operation of buildings, a combination of the two has been a topic discussed by professionals and academics for some time.

BIM can be used to model energy performance, and Green (Building) Construction can be defined as,’…an environmentally sustainable building, designed, constructed and operated to minimise the total environmental impacts.’ This is one definition, with variations embodying the aim of minimising the impact of building on the environment.

‘Green Design and Construction’ will be one of the topics discussed at the upcoming CitA BIM Gathering 2015. The organisers have invited papers on the topic. Acknowledging that using BIM on green building projects is relatively new, it is hoped the conference will offer a view of what the future holds for this combination, with Green Construction experts and industry BIM leaders being in attendance.

CitA offers courses in ‘Sustainable BIM Design & Construction’ and ‘LEED Green Associate Training’.


CitA BIM Gathering 2015 – Conference Topics

CitA Courses:

What is a Green Building? will keep you updated on developments in BIM education and research.


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