The Scottish BIM Implementation Plan


The Review of Scottish Public Sector Procurement in Construction recommended the implementation of Building Information Modelling to Level 2, by April 2017.

The Scottish ‘Building Information Modelling (BIM) Implementation Plan’, published this month, by the Scottish Futures Trust lays out the strategy for public sector projects within Scotland to adopt BIM Level 2. The document’s five sections are titled and cover: Assess BIM Maturity & Define BIM thresholds; Mobilisation; Pathfinder Projects; Development of Scottish Government Guidance; Launch of BIM Level 2.

The plan states ‘BIM is seen as a key tool for the Scottish construction industry going forward.’

The Scottish BIM Delivery Group launched the Scottish BIM implementation Plan. The BIM Delivery Group was established by Scottish Futures Trust and the Scottish Government.

Professor David Philp, Head of BIM at the UK BIM Task Group and BIM Director at AECOM leads the BIM Delivery Group. The Group supports Government in moving towards a digital built-environment and putting in place the recommendations from the Review of Scottish Public Sector Procurement in Construction.



Review of Scottish Public Sector Procurement in Construction October 2013

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Implementation Plan, September 2015

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