Irish presence at Digital Construction Week, London, 20 – 22 October 2015


Digital Construction Week is a series of events for those directly and indirectly involved in the building industry. The series covers design, construction and operation, as well as topics relevant to the supply chain. The series will have a strong Irish interest with the involvement of Irish BIM community leaders and organisations.

Enterprise Ireland and BIM regions are industry partners for the series. BAM and Autodesk are among the sponsors. CITA will be involved in delivering news on BIM in Ireland.

BIM is at the core of the events. With BIM revolutionising the construction industry, this event gives attendees up-to-date information on current BIM practices as well as looking at what the future may hold.

The events will commence with a special reception, with attendees from Government, industry and the BIM community. The Westminster VIP Reception takes place on 20 October with an evening of networking, discussion and debate.

The Digital Construction Show, running from 21 – 22 October in the Business Design Centre in Islington, comprises of The Conference and The Exhibition. The Conference will explore a number of themes relating to the use of technology in the industry, including skills training and education. The Exhibition is a showcase of technology and talks from experts. The Exhibition is free to attend. On Day 1, CITA’s Alan Hore and Ralph Montague will be present at the Enterprise Ireland BIM Village Programme. Alan Hore will give a keynote address on ‘BIM in Ireland Today’, while Ralph Montague will chair a panel discussion on ‘Leadership Through Transition’.

The Autodesk Leadership Conference, on 20 October, is an event for attendees to see how they can use their BIM capabilities worldwide. The event will be attended by industry and public sector leaders. It is an opportunity to network and see the current developments in BIM, and a forum for discussion and debate. will report more updates and news closer to the event series.


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