BRE working with Branz to deliver BIM training in New Zealand


Interest in BIM is increasing in New Zealand and training is required to successfully integrate the technology into the construction industry.

Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) will deliver the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Academy’s Building Information Modelling International foundation course, covering the following:

What BIM is;

Where BIM has been successfully used internationally;

Information management and project life cycles;

Information on standards;

Methods and procedures for to implement BIM Level 2.


BRE provides building consultancy and services to the private and public sector. With its headquarters in Watford, England the BRE operates internationally, and has offices throughout Britain. In the past, BRE had an Irish office in Limerick. BRE has a longstanding reputation for providing consultancy, research, testing, innovation, sustainability, and training services and information to organisations and individuals with interests in the built environment. BRE Global offers certification of products, services and systems to the international market.

BRE Academy is part of BRE Global. BRE Academy provides training and education programmes, developed and delivered in partnership with BRE and external experts. BIM is one subject in the BRE Academy’s portfolio. Branz is the host partner of the BRE Academy, and will enable BIM courses to be delivered. Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) is an independent research and consulting company providing services to the New Zealand construction industry.

BRE Academy is also collaborating with Alpin Ltd, a multidisciplinary sustainable built-asset consultancy, to deliver BIM training in the Middle East.

Sources: will keep you updated on developments in BIM education.


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