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BIMIreland.ie will be covering the 2015 CITA BIM Gathering, 12 – 13 November in Dublin and prior to this Digital Construction Week, 20 – 22 October in London. We have already covered Digital Construction Week in a previous article. This event will have a strong Irish interest. However, there are many international events coming up in the next six months, and a few are outlined below. We will keep you posted with further conferences’ details as they are made known.

BIM Forum: Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for Design Phase Management & Preconstruction, 20 – 21 October 2015, Orlando Florida, USA

Website: meetings.bimforum.org/annual

Building professions use VDC tools during the design and planning phase. The forum will explore how the use of VDC tools in the design and planning phases are impacting project outcomes. The forum will ask questions regarding the possible problems, and possibilities for VDC.


ICE BIM 2015: Realising the Promise, 21 October 2015, London, United Kingdom

Website: ice-conferences.com/ice-bim-2015

The Institution of Civil Engineers has presented a BIM series over the past few years. This year’s conference is titled ’Realising the Promise’, and this year’s programme covers ‘Benefits of Collaboration’, ’Benefits of Innovation’, ’Benefits of Management and BIM’, ‘Benefits of Change’, and ‘BIM Benefiting the Future’. This year’s event has speakers from government, the construction industry, consultancy firms, and software development. This year ICE will introduce a mobile app, ICE BIM 2015, which is an event guide for the conference. This will feature speaker information, session schedules, sponsors and networking details.


Capturing Reality: The 3D, laser scanning and LiDAR technologies forum,

23 – 25 November 2015, Salzburg, Austria

Website: capturingrealityforum.com

This event incorporates a conference and an exhibition. The conference comprises of talks and workshops on scanning and data capturing. The programme’s presenters primarily come from building consultancy and software development firms. The exhibition will host technology and software companies.


GEOBIM Europe, 10 – 11 December 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Website: geo-bim.org/Europe

GeoBIM Europe aims to highlight the role of geospatial technology BIM processes in the European construction sector. The conference will have plenary sessions, panel discussions and talks. Going on from the last edition, this conference will have an emphasis on building operation and facilities/asset management.


The B1M + YouTube Joint Event, 28 January 2016, Google HQ, London, United Kingdom

Website: To be announced

The B1M is an organisation that develops and shares BIM content on its site and on YouTube. Specific details are currently unavailable.


European BIM Summit 2016, 18 – 19 February 2016, Barcelona, Spain

Website: europeanbimsummit.com

Nine sessions over two days will discuss BIM in Spain and throughout Europe. Implementation is discussed on the first day.


RICS BIM Conference 2016, 12 Feb 2016, London, United Kingdom



The theme of the 2015 conference was ‘Delivering efficiencies and cost savings throughout the project’s lifecycle’. Specific details of the 2016 conference are currently unavailable.

Building Information Modelling has gained strong interest in the construction industry and in relevant academic research fields over the past decade. This has led to conferences being held in popular locations worldwide.

BimIreland.ie will keep you informed on upcoming events.

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