Saint-Gobain Weber has introduced a new colour to the brick-effect finish for their External Wall Insulation (EWI) system with the addition of Georgian Red.  

This has been made in response to customer demand allowing the closest possible match for the refurbishment of the façades of Victorian and Georgian brick-built properties in the North of England.

While dramatically improving the aesthetics of these older, hard to treat properties and changing the streetscape for the benefit and wellbeing of residents, the application of weber.therm EWI will also improve the thermal performance of properties providing a warmer and more comfortable living environment with greatly improved U-values.

“The benefits are two-fold,” says Craig Swales, Hall Construction Group, Kingston upon Hull.  “The project we have been piloting involves the thermal and aesthetic upgrade of over 70 properties including, Victorian and Georgian brick-built properties owned by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.  Red brick is synonymous with the original construction style used in this area of Rotherham, and local planners wanted to preserve this visual.  The pilot has been highly successful and the introduction of the new Georgian Red colour has provided the perfect match.”  The application of weber.therm EWI was carried out by Skyline Construction Services Ltd, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The weber.therm EWI system finished with weber.rend RB Render Brick finish achieves striking results.  It produces a superb brick-effect finish in just a fraction of the time and cost of full brickwork cladding. weber.rend RB is the combination of two polymer modified mortars used in conjunction to create an authentic brick work pattern.
Once the base layers of render are set, the surface is lightly comb-scratched prior to the application of weber.rend RBB, a base render coat, which acts as the ‘mortar’ joint. When the weber.rend RBB base coat has taken up, and is firm enough to allow application of the face coat, 2 – 3mm of weber.rend RBF face coat is applied and stippled with a soft brush to give the brick-effect finish and cut out the mortar joints to achieve the brick pattern required. Seven colours of weber.rend RBF and four colours of weber.rend RBB are now available allowing clients to replicate almost any brick and mortar combination which is important when matching with existing brick work and local buildings.  Application of the weber.rend RB finish can be viewed on YouTube <>

“At a time when the construction industry is facing a severe shortage of bricks causing the delay of many projects across the UK, both refurbishment and new build,  a weber.therm EWI system completed with weber.rend RB finish offers a modern, cost effective alternative and is immediately available,” says Tracey Dempster, marketing manager, Saint-Gobain Weber.  “This system is quick to apply and reduces build programmes and on-site labour, contributing substantially to the economies of the project delivery.  Aesthetically, properties are given a new lease of life, while keeping the original style and ensuring homeowners and tenants are warmer and more comfortable.”
For more information about this project, or for technical support, please contact Saint-Gobain Weber on 08703 330 070, or visit  Customers in Ireland should call 028 9335 2999 or visit

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