Lean Construction Ireland Event: LCI – Ireland Community of Practice June Meeting


LCI Ireland, the body set up to promote Lean Construction in Ireland, will host an event on June 18th at the Clyde Court Hotel, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of Lean Principles in the Irish Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industry and demonstrate how Lean can be implement as a collective group (CoP) through knowledge sharing, innovation through research and deep collaboration between the 4 main sectors – Owners, Designers, Contractors and Trades.

Speakers at the event will include: Dr. Richard Keegan BE, Ceng, MComm, Phd FIEI Manager, Competitiveness Department (encompassing Lean Business and Benchmarking) Enterprise Ireland and Richard Donnelly BSc(Hons) BArch MBA RIBA – Director, Chartered Architect in the construction sector, and 15 years of World Class manufacturing experience at Director level in the Automotive and White goods sectors, give Richard a totally unique skill set. Richard had considerable experience delivering on Government Improvement Programme, securing new business for many companies and improving their performance.

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Keep in touch with LCI Ireland through LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Lean-Construction-Ireland-4332330/about

LCI Home Page: http://www.leanconstruction.org/

LCI UK Home Page: http://leanconstruction.org.uk/events

Core Team:

Lean Construction Ireland Core Group Corporate Members include John French (Intel); Kevin White (Jones Engineering); Paul Sexton (SCEG Ltd); Raymond Turner (Construction Innovation Lab); and Paul Ebbs (PhathomHQ).


Mission of LCI:

  • The mission of the Lean Construction Institute is to transform design and construction through new approaches to project design and delivery. Lean theory, principles and techniques, taken together, provide the foundation for a different, more collaborative, and more effective form of project management. Lean design and construction represents a transformational way to design and build capital facilities. The Lean approach generates significant improvements in schedule with dramatically reduced waste, particularly on complex, uncertain and quick projects.
  • Five Major Focus Areas or Value Indicators Guiding our Efforts Include:Grow and sustain members
    Develop knowledge
    Create industry capacity
    Develop collaboration & distribution channels
    Create industry demand and cultivate relationships with other key associations
  • The purpose of the Lean Construction Institute is to act as the catalyst to transform the industry to deliver projects using a lean operating system centered on a common language, fundamental principles and basic practices.

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