Hilti launches new PS 50 Multidetector to assist in avoiding costly drilling mistakes


Hilti has just launched its PS 50 Multidetector, a tough new tool which provides users with the most comprehensive insight into objects located in walls and floors.

The new system quickly and easily detects and classifies many different objects – including ferrous and non-ferrous metal, live wires, plastic pipes, underfloor heating pipes and other things like wood and cavities – in a variety of base materials such as hardened or fresh concrete, drywall and hollow brick.

Designed to add peace of mind prior to drilling, coring, sawing or slitting, especially when original plans are not available, a built-in display and easy navigation menu enable the straightforward location and identification of objects. The approximate depth at which they are embedded is also confirmed.

Its ergonomic design and rugged housing make the PS 50 Multidetector shock, dust and water resistant – all elements associated with downtime and expensive repairs of measuring systems.

Tim Wilmes, Hilti GB and Northern Europe Product Manager for Measuring Systems, said: “The costs associated with piercing a base material in the wrong place can be high. Most important is the risk of injury to the user from live wires, gas or other utilities, but there could also be costly repairs, such as damage to the drill bit, blade or disc, or to the tool itself.


“The PS 50 Multidetector is a useful and versatile detector for locating hidden objects. This means fewer mistakes and nasty surprises prior to drilling, coring, sawing or slitting.

“Alongside the ability to withstand the toughest jobsite conditions, productivity, reliability and ease-of-use remain the cornerstones of our portfolio – and the new PS 50 Multidetector reflects this.”

All Hilti measuring systems can be purchased through the company’s Fleet Management programme whereby a fixed monthly charge covers all tool, calibration, service and repair costs over four years, which includes drop cover and theft protection.

For customers who prefer to own their own tools outright Hilti’s Lifetime Service gives a complete no-cost period of two years, which includes the same high level of cover.

For more information and to watch the video visit www.hilti.co.uk/ps50

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