Limerick families move into new Regeneration development


Residents have begun moving into Limerick City and County Council’s new housing development at Waller’s Well, Janesboro.

The 10 unit development, comprising three-bedroom homes, has been delivered by the Local Authority under the Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan.

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The houses in the development have been offered to both homeowners and tenants from across the Regeneration areas “The Council has worked with a number of partners to bring life to these properties, which is one of the key strategic objectives under the Regeneration Programme”, explained Jason Murphy, Senior Executive Officer, Limerick City and County Council.

“This development is as much about the community in Janesboro as it is about the residents who have moved into their new homes. Renovating and bringing families into these homes is important in terms of our commitment to rejuvenating communities and ensuring the people are provided with good quality homes,” said Mr. Murphy.

The Council has confirmed meanwhile, that additional homes are scheduled for delivery at the Churchfield Site in Southill, Cosgrave Park, Weston Gardens, Carew Park and a number of sites on Kings Island.

More than 1500 Regeneration homes are also receiving thermal upgrades. 300 homes are in various stages of this project which is funded by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

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