Next phase of Kerdiffstown Landfill Remediation Project to move forward


Kildare County Council will move forward with its plans for the remediation of Kerdiffstown landfill outside Naas. Responsibility for the site will transfer to Kildare County Council within the next few weeks for the process to move into active remediation.

All site management controls established by the EPA in 2011 to limit and prevent pollution (including security, odour monitoring and management) will be transferred and maintained by Kildare CoCo.

Over 3.1m tonnes of waste is currently contained within the  74 acre landfill site in Kildare with odours experienced in the past by the local community now largely under control. Monitoring by the EPA has shown some impact on groundwater quality immediately underneath and just outside the site, but there has been no significant impact on groundwater or surface water in the surrounding area to date. It is predicted that unless the site is remediated there will be an increased level of impact in the future. However, the EPA constantly monitors the site environment to detect any slight change that might indicate any increased impact.

Mr. Alan Kelly, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, today said: “This year I have secured €8.5m of exchequer funding for my Department’s landfill remediation budget.  A significant proportion of this will be used to support the remediation works at Kerdiffstown (costs still to be finalised).  My Department is fully supportive of the need to finally put this site to rights.  I brought a memo to Government outlining the detail of this complex project, the remediation process, including details of the timeframes and funding requirements.  There is a clear understanding at Government that this project is a complex, multi-annual task that will require significant further public investment over the coming 5 – 7 years – but we are committed to doing it over that period of time.”

[rev_slider ARconferencedublin] “I wish to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the EPA in their expert management and stabilisation of environmental and fire risks at the site.  I understand that both the EPA and Kildare County Council have ensured that local communities have at all times been consulted and kept fully informed of developments at the site.  This is vitally important for the success of the project and I would encourage Kildare County Council to continue to foster good local relations.  This announcement is a very important milestone on the journey to full remediation of the site and I wish Kildare County Council well in their future work.  The people of Naas and the surrounding areas are entitled to have this environmental blight overcome.”

KCC will commence on-site works upon the granting of licenses by An Board Pleanála and the EPA. It is estimated that works may take 5 to 7 years to complete with public consultation being a core process during this timeframe.  Community updates will continue to be issued as remedial works on the site take place.  For further information visit

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