Altro has increased the warranty, sustained slip resistance and life expectancy on its 2.5mm safety flooring ranges after they have proved their resilience and reliability in some of the world’s most testing environments. Altro Designer 25, Altro Unity 25 and Altro Classic 25 now come with the added peace of mind of a 20 year warranty and 25 year life expectancy and sustained slip resistance.

Altro’s 2.5mm safety flooring provides a supreme standard of durability. The extra 25% thickness makes it significantly more robust than 2mm safety flooring, with resistance to impact damage, mechanical and physical damage and point loading, as well as enhanced durability for heavy duty areas with intense use.

Like all Altro safety flooring, the 2.5mm ranges offer sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the product, keeping your risk of a slip to just 1 in a million.

An ideal choice for healthcare, education, retail, leisure and industrial environments, Altro’s 2.5mm safety flooring offers extra resistance to foot and wheeled traffic, including trolleys, wheelchairs and service area equipment. It is more resilient to torque, which passes through the wheels and is partially absorbed by and dissipated through the flooring.

Thicker flooring dissipates the energy more effectively, making the flooring less likely to de-bond, minimising and even preventing damage to the subfloor. It also offers enhanced chemical resistance and copes well with moisture and temperature extremes, making it perfect for public walkways that need to work hard under a variety of conditions.

Altro’s 2.5mm safety flooring put to the test

  • The Taber test (based on ASTM C501) shows that Altro Designer 25, Altro Classic 25 and Altro Unity 25 are harder wearing than ceramic tiles and quarry tiles.
  • The tear initiation test (based on BS 2782-3) proves that, to tear 2.5mm Altro safety flooring, you typically need the force of 500 N/cm2. That’s like trying to tear a 1,000-page phone directory in half.
  • The tensile test (based on BS 2782-3) shows Altro 2.5mm safety flooring is as tough to pull apart as concrete – or even tougher. 

Altro-FlooringCase study

The team at Altro Australia revisited a market-leading national chain of retail supermarkets in Doncaster, Victoria to view an Altro 2.5mm safety flooring installation that had been laid in a delicatessen area 35 years ago.

It was still performing its slip-resistant and hygiene functions without any visible signs of wear. Altro decided to test it to see exactly how the slip resistance has stood up after all these years and called an independent test house to conduct a slip resistance Pendulum Test.

As per Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4586), the test was conducted in five separate areas around the floor; including right in front of the chicken cooker, an area that provided a daily challenge for the flooring surfaces. With its radiated heat and the potential for splashes of hot chicken fat, it was one of the most dangerous parts of the floor for slips. The official result for the test was 46, qualifying the floor as a Class W or Low Risk of Slippage.

This is the same expectations as a brand new Altro 2.5mm safety floor from this range.

So, even after 35 years of non-stop use, the flooring was still performing as well as the day it went in.

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