CIF Roadshow – Coming soon to a town near you!


Contractors, sub contractors and house builders of all shapes and sizes throughout the country looking to get an update on the latest industry news are invited to attend free, local briefing events organised by the CIF.  These special CIF briefings will be held in the Midlands, the West, the North West, the Mid West, the South, the South East and Dublin.

The briefings are completely free of charge and open to all CIF members and non members – so long as they are active in construction and register to attend in advance.

During the course of the briefings attendees will hear an extensive amount of information covering all the latest aspects of policy, regulation and other industry developments of interest to the construction sector. Top industry experts will be on hand to provide attendees with the very latest information covering all the various sections of activity.  Our speakers are helping to steer these various policies at the highest levels of Government and are ideally placed to provide the most up to date information.

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They will also be happy to answer any questions that attendees may have.

Among the subjects that will be covered at the briefings are:

  • HOUSE BUILDING:  Attendees will receive updates on house building policy, analysis of the local housing market prospects, measures being taken to encourage greater house building and a review of the building regulations one year on from their introduction.
  • TENDERING AND CONTRACTING: The latest implications for public contracts will be outlined following the changes to the public work contracts announced before Christmas.  Further information will also be provided about how the tendering process is evolving and the further changes that are expected to be introduced by the tendering authorities.
  • INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: Details about the new Workplace Relations Bill and how this will impact on the construction sector will be provided.  The ongoing absence of the Register Employment Agreement (REA) in the industry will also be discussed, with IR experts on hand to provide information about how the Government plans to tackle this issue which has major implications for the Irish construction industry.
  • PAYMENTS: The latest update on the Construction Contracts Act will be provided, which is likely to be of particular interest to contractors looking for more certainty in their payments.  The Government’s plans to introduce Project Bank Accounts will also be covered.
  • INFORMATION: Additional details will also be provided about a range of other industry issues, including all the latest updates on a variety of topics specfically of interest to the construction sector.  Among these will be an update on the CIRI register as well as details about the Government’s plans for boosting construction activity around the country.
  • CONSTRUCTION 2020: The progress of the Government’s plans for implementing the various measures in their strategy for the construction industry – Construction 2020 – will also be examined.
  • OVERVIEW: CIF Director General Tom Parlon will be on hand at each of the briefings to provide an overview of what the industry can expect in the coming year.  He will speak about the many promising measures that should help boost activity throughout the sector and the work the CIF is doing to help further strengthen the performance and spread of work throughout the industry.

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