Customers continue to choose Tec7


Tec7 has become the Number 1 choice for the trade person and DIY enthusiasts because they know “It gets the job done first time every time” EVEN UNDER WATER.

Because of its overall strength, flexibility, sealing and mounting quality, customers know that Tec7 sticks to almost all building materials, including most plastics and with each cartridge containing 310ml of product, they are getting better value compared to most other MS Polymer’s on the market.

With customers expecting high quality from the Tec7 range of products,

The all New  introduced last September as part of the range is no exception.

The range is well renowned for being:

Better Value, Extra Product, Stronger and Trusted.


This Unique All Purpose fast acting Foam Spray Cleaner is ideal for professional use, for cleaning up after any job, on tiles, counter tops, glass to name just a few along with being perfect around the house on windows, cooker hobs, shower doors, stainless steel and mirrors as it does not contain any abrasives, it will even remove nicotine or pencils marks from a wide variety of materials. Multi-Clean7 is also ideal for cleaning your car, on dashboards, carpets or fabrics without leaving any traces.

To see just how good this and our full range of products are, please contact Contech Buildings Products on 01 6292963 or simply log on to our website or join us on Facebook.

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